November 24, 2009

so many parents have crippled their children.

tomorrow i want blueberries and milk for breakfast. today, actually. not sure if i want to go to pk's fam for thanksgiving in long island. probably not.

wish i were a robot who would do as i tell, who would follow the exact orders i give it, who would be unable to undergo human emotions thus would face less hindrances, or none at all.

egg yolk mask.

i can do everything i want to do and do it well too.

i need someone to control me. i need a master that i'll live for and control myself for, willingly, out of love, out of self sacrifice, out of masochism.

it doesn't matter at all how others see in you or feel. only one's own standards matter, only they are what's important. such standards need to be met regardless of everything else.

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